New review for My Brother The Wind!

My Brother The Winds second album “I Wash My Soul In The Stream Of Inifinity has been review by Prog Archives!

“Their 2010 debut suceeded to be critically acclaimed in psych/space rock circles. Well, this may have surprised and has probably pushed them to continue in this way – generously. So one year later the same lineup offers a new album which will please genre fans again, you bet! You’ll find intriguing groovy space jams as such once more, but also some complementing stuff which makes this album even more interesting to explore. Nicklas Barker adds finely dosed mellotron/organ contributions here and there

The impressing Fire! Fire! evokes soaring guitar walls first while the band is preparing for the cosmic journey. Emergency, emergency – what a lively bass – this makes a difference to many other space rock oriented bands provided with a rather hypnotic rhythm backbone. What I mean, this sounds like Ronny Eriksson is constantly trying to run away, back and forth, but the other band members are skilled enough to follow over the course due to a concentrated collaboration.

Leaving this fulminant start behind Pagan Moonbeam shows them on rather acid psych respectively indo/raga paths where The Mediator Between Head And Hand comes way more eclectic, avantgarde oriented with melancholic mellotron backing reminding me of Anekdoten. Torbjörn Abelli is relaxed floating right from the start, again both guitars are playing an intriguing duett, great interaction. The song gradually increases with incredible tension.

Under Crimson Skies starts suddenly … somewhere amidst an extended jam I would say … and evolves to one of my favourite space rock explorations I came across recently. I love this sensitive experience – this especially applies to the floating part. The Eriksson groove section is involved with an impressing drive and both guitars are nicely meandering around and complement each other as for the soloing and rhythm tasks.

MY BROTHER THE WIND is a project which initially may have found together for having some fun temporarily … but now it’s clear, there’s no way out in the meanwhile, I emphatically insist, you have to continue – come on, boys! Finally let me say, that ‘I Wash My Soul In The Stream Of Inifity’ is an accomplished and emotional affair, don’t miss that – 4.5 stars – which means close to masterpiece!”

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