BARR: “Atlantic Ocean Blues” is on the way!

Stockholm-based psychedelic folk-act BARR is back on the road with their new full-length album “Atlantic Ocean Blues”!

“Atlantic Ocean Blues” is a tribute to the sea, the sun, space
and the music that’s coloured by these elements.
It has been four years since “Skogsbo Is The Place”, BARR’s latest effort
that was recorded in a derelict cottage owned by a relative.
It’s BARR’s time to step out of that cottage, to find their way
into the forest and in the studio. Into a musical world that the band
always dreamed of.
“Atlantic Ocean Blues” is in addition to an constant evolving band
also a homage to the forest, to the darkness and to folk psychadelia.
A true masterpiece and a story about a bands step into wilderness
and unknown grounds. And they sure master it.

“Life came from the sea. We bath in the sun.”

01 The End Of The Road
Atlantic Ocean Blues
The Mountains
The Lonely Lady
He Ain’t A Friend, He Is A Brother
Yalu River Song
Sun Shine On
Hanoi Haze

Listen to “The Mountains” below!

Order your copy from the Record Heaven Webshop


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