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DARXTAR: Aged To Perfection – LP out now!!

Finally the DARXTAR LP has arrived, and it’s sure looks great!

Aged to Perfection is Swedens premier space rock combo DARXTAR’s seventh album and their first on the acclaimed Transubstans record label. The album will be released on May 14th on CD, strictly limited Vinyl and as download. DARXTAR originally begun as a one-man project in 1989 and have over the years become known as space rock-revival pioneers in the early 90’s (on albums such as Darker, Daybreak & Sju), pretentious concept album makers in the early 00’s (Tombola) and most recently as experimental psychedelic songwriters in 2005 with “We Came too Late”. In many ways “Aged to Perfection” picks up where “We Came too Late” left off with its focus on great tunes, but with the bands initial space rock fundament added to the package. The band always strives for full artistic freedom and have once again written, recorded, mixed and produced the album all by themselves.”


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Aged To Perfection
In Green Heat
Mörkret 2
Tired Nature
Some Things
In A Time
Moving Along
Fiska På Gräsmattan



GIN LADY’s debut released today!

The eagerly awaited debut from GIN LADY (ex-BLACK BONZO) is finally released on Transubstans Records!


BLACK BONZO is dead, long live GIN LADY !! After 3 succesfull albums by Swedish heavy progressive combo, BLACK BONZO called it a day, or put the band on ice. Up from the ashes GIN LADY rise, and delivers an album that is quite remiscent of BLACK BONZO, but leaving some of the progressive elements behind, and heading towards more classic rock sound. The Hammond is still here, and so are the melodies, but rather being inspired by the progressive music, bands like URIAH HEEP, DEEP PURPLE and MASTERS APPRENTICES comes in mind. This is a real nice debut album from GIN LADY, and of course really recommended for friends of heavy (progressive) rock !!

Besides the digipak, the album will also be released on vinyl in black / transparent red! This is expected to be out in stores by the end of June!

01 Rebirth
02 Get It On
03 Lend Me A Hand
04 Deja Vu
05 The Rest
06 Bloodsuckin’ Babies
07 Bottom Of The Sea
08 Confrontation Shakedown
09Hold On

Have a listen to two of the tracks from the album below!

Album teaser:

GIN LADY: Reviews by Sea Of Tranquility

Our good friends at Sea Of Tranquility has put together a few really nice reviews for GIN LADY’s debut album!


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“Many a prog fan were bummed when in late 2010 popular Swedish prog act Black Bonzo announced that they were calling it quits after 3 albums. That sad news was quickly brightened however when a few months later a new band was revealed featuring former members of Black Bonzo & The All Janet, who where now calling themselves Gin Lady. Fast forward to 2012 and the bands self-titled debut is ready to be released, which shows
a move to more classic & heavy rock styles.

Gin Lady is comprised of Joakim Karlsson, Magnus Kärnebro, Anthon Johansson, Fredrik Normark and Klas Holmgren, and it’s no surprise that they find themselves on Transubstans Records, which has shown to be a great home for Scandinavian bands who love that retro vibe. You can hear a definite Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, Captain Beyond, Warhorse, Alice Cooper, Iron Butterfly, and Blue Oyster Cult influence going on here, with tasty guitar licks, loads of Hammond organ, and powerful vocals. Tunes such as “Rebirth” and “Get It On” rock hard with swirling Hammond and heavy blues rock guitar riffs, while the catchy “Lend Me a Hand” has a rootsier feel, coming close to the sounds of the Rolling Stones or The Faces. “Deja Vu” is a great heavy rocker with deep grooves, sort of like a strange marriage of Wolfmother and The Black Crowes, and “The Rest” is haunting, moody prog rock, with ominous Hammond and dreamy vocals, a track that sounds like it could have been recorded in 1971 and come off a vintage Uriah Heep or Atomic Rooster album. Next up is a blistering hard rocker called “Bloodsuckin’ Babies” featuring stomping Hammond, piano, and guitar riffs plus vocals with plenty of swagger, and this is followed by the equally heavy “Bottom of the Sea”, another grinding rocker that has early ’70s written all over it. Gin Lady doesn’t bother to hide their love for classic Deep Purple on the raging “Confrontation Shakedown”, and proggy closer “Hold On” sees some Yes influence creep in on the vocal front to invade the moody arrangements.

As much as Black Bonzo will be missed, this debut from Gin Lady is very impressive and signals the arrival of a band who really can put together some splendid ’70s inspired hard rock. More of this please!!!” – Pete Pardo




“When is a Black Bonzo not a Black Bonzo?? Well, when it’s a Gin Lady of course!

Having released three excellent 70’s heavy rock inspired progressive albums, Black Bonzo would appear to be no more. Although amid internet speculation of label problems and management issues, the truth is that while the mighty BB have disappeared, they have in reality morphed into the equally bizarrely named Gin Lady. That however is not quite all that has changed, with the Black Bonzo pattern of eschewing the progressive side of things from album to album, becoming complete with the simply titled Gin Lady. Don’t worry though, the Hammond organ is still in strong evidence and the seductively mad tones of Magnus Lindgren still hold court behind the microphone, leaving you in no doubt exactly who this outfit once were and in many ways still are.

While some of the band’s earlier followers may be disappointed by this almost inevitable straightening of styles, anyone who revelled in the excellent The Guillotine Drama album from Black Bonzo, will have no problem latching onto the chunky, grooving tones that Gin Lady serve up. The mixture of Hammond and vintage guitar sounds immediately whisk you back to early Uriah Heep and while that has always been a strong influence for this band (whatever their name), it really is an inescapable comparison now. However, considering that Gin Lady are every bit as good as The Heep were, even at their very best, then this is one comparison that can only be intended as a compliment. While the whole album does sound “vintage”, the production is crisp and clear, without ever losing the gloriously thick, dense vibe that the music conveys. The opening blast of “Rebirth” proving to be instantly captivating. From there is doesn’t matter whether it is the swift trot of “Get It On”, the instantly memorable thump and groove of “Bloodsuckin’ Babies”, or the hypnotic sway of “Confrontation Shakedown”, there isn’t a moment that goes by on Gin Lady that isn’t guaranteed to have you grinning from ear to ear. Some progressive moments do linger on, with an extended Hammond versus guitar work-out on the lengthy closer “Hold On”, while the simpler blast of “Bottom Of The Sea” still contains a scintillating guitar solo classy enough to amaze and delight.

Let us not forget the wonderful music that Black Bonzo served up to us across three excellent releases. However there’s no need to mourn, instead raise your glasses to the Gin Lady and look forward to many more great albums to come. This self-titled effort is a stunning re-start.”


DARXTAR: Fantastic review from ÖSC’s Dr. Space!



The DARXTAR album “Aged To Perfection” continues to heating the heart of the space scene around the world! This great review is from ÖSC’s Scott Heller:


“Sweden’s longest running space rock band is back with their new release and back on Transubstans again. I have to say, I was surprised with how much their last album grew on me over time. This new one takes the songwriting skills that the band developed for We came too Late and they move to a new level. The lyrics are really excellent on this album, with a theme about the nature and state of the planet In addition, the band has mixed in many more space sounds. Just a fantastic album.  It starts off with the amazing title track, which is quite short only 3½ mins with acoustic guitar, but a really nice spacey vibe and excellent lyrics and vocals. In Green heat features Søren on vocals again and flows seamlessly after the opening track and features some really nice spacey synth, slide guitar, organ, and violin playing more of a role in this track with the last min slowing down and spacing out. Mörkret is a 2min experimental space out that is quite psychedelic that leads into my favourite track on the record, Tired Nature. This is a more uptempo space rock track and reminds me of their Daybreak era material. They really have a great jam like section as well with some crazy saxophone! Some Things is a nice floating take down after the intense Tired Nature, with a slow pace, spacey synths, nice violin countering the melodic guitar. Beautiful stuff. In a Time, features Marcus on vocals, with a special effect and great bass lines on this 6 min melodic track. Moving Along has a familiar guitar line and is more uptempo with a bit harder edge but also very melodic with a good mix of all the elements that make this band great. The CD ends with the 11 min Fista på gräsmatten. It starts with some piano, interesting sounds as it slowly builds. “I see the end of my life”……… then an massive track grows and grows with lots of spacey synths, violin, piano, guitar, a heavy bass line, etc.. An amazing CD. I can’t wait to get the vinyl version.”


Johnfish Sparkle: New video out!

Italian power trio Johnfish Sparkle strikes back with their second effort – Flow. Ingredients are always the same; Bluesrock, classic riffs mixed with a modern taste to make the whole sound more attractive. You will not be disappointed by their excellent wall of sound! 10 tracks of pure Zeppelinesque/bluesrock energy! Maybe almost unique in their genre around Italy these days.

This is the eagerly awaited video from Johnfish Sparkle’s second album “Flow”.
The video features the track “Spiral Confusion”. Hard to beat!

ODYSSEY: Abysmal Despair finally out!


(Press image to order your copy)

01 Pyramids
02 Wicked Witch
03 Abysmal Despair
04 Keloma
05 No Fucking Way
06 Wolfspit And Witches Breath
07 This Ship Is Sinking
08 Darkred

“Abysmal Despair” is ODYSSEY’s much anticipated debut album on Transubstans Records. Heavy & harsh stonerrock deluxe with a great feeling for riffs, the band hits it hard, and hit is good ! Think stonerrock, add some noise and sludge – and you get a vague idea what this trio is all about. Linköpings daily news recently wrote – “ODYSSEY’s performances are probably the most energetic and violent in Sweden at the moment, and definetly worth that detour to witness…” This recording is much the same – energetic and violent… ELECTRIC WIZARD meets EYEHATEGOD meets ACRIMONY. A great album !!


Swedish stoner trio ODYSSEY has finally finished their eagerly awaited video for the vigorous track “Pyramids”. The video was released in connection with the digital single “Pyramids”, which was released worldwide 09/05/2012. Enjoy!

Pre-order your copy of the coming album “Abysmal Despair”!

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