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GIN LADY: Vinyl finally out!

After what seems like forever, the “GIN LADY” LP is finally released!

It is released on a nice limited gatefold, featuring 200 black copies and 100 transparent red copies.


The following are excerpts from some of the outstanding reviews we’ve received during the process:

As much as Black Bonzo will be missed, this debut from Gin Lady is very
impressive and signals the arrival of a band who really can put together
some splendid ’70s inspired hard rock. More of this please!
– Sea Of Tranquility


This is an album for the true classic rock aficionado.
Not the MTV-friendly classic rock of the eighties, but the
cornerstones laid some two decades earlier that have
influenced and informed rock music ever since.
– Powerplay


The fact of my weakness for this kind of Uriah Heep/Deep Purple
-hardrock is not a secret, therefore I’m falling head over heels
for these tunes. Now I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they hit
the road very soon and that this glorious album is released on
vinyl, for an ever more ultimate experience.
– Ulf Classon,


I would like to claim that this probably is the album of the year.
Since the Black Bonzo -days, the band has refined their sound and
brought something that in a fair world would be known as an essential
debut album.
– Between Two Worlds

Hope you’ll enjoy it!


SPACE MIRRORS: First track of new album “In Darkness They Whisper Released” !!



“Through The Dream Lands” (Radio Version) (Alisa Coral)
This heavy rocking number is a radio version of “Act II” of the 22 minute epic “The Dreamquest of Unknown Kadath” based on HP Lovecraft’s story of the same name. The journey has begun!


International Space Rock/Metal collective Space Mirrors was founded in 2002 by Russian multi-instrumentalist and producer Alisa Coral. Since that time Space Mirrors released three albums and featured many talented musicians from all over the world. Space Mirrors music is often inspired by Sci-Fi, alien conspiracies and esoteric topics.

In 2011 Alisa Coral started composing the new album, called “In Darkness They Whisper”. The songs of the new album are inspired by the metaphysical, cosmological and occult concepts developed by H.P. Lovecraft in his stories. The music combines elements from heavy and melodic space rock to epic/prog metal. It has more focus on delivering fine crafted tunes but not forgetting initial space rock fundament. Artwork is once again created by Kevin Sommers.
The new line-up includes musicians from Russia, Italy, UK, USA and Denmark, including the legendary Nik Turner (sax, flute) and Alan Davey (bass) of Hawkwind fame, the space/prog rock virtuoso Cyndee Lee Rule (Spaceseed, Osiris the Rebirth) on violin, on guitar Massimo Arke of Opposite Sides & Hortus Animae, Fabio “Amon 418” Bartolini of Hate Profile & Hortus Animae, John Pack and Allen Welty-Green of the known American space rock band Spaceseed, Sparky Simmons (Acid FM), Bjorn Jeppesen a synth player well known for his electronic music Nattefrost project, and Martyr Lucifer (Hortus Animae) on vocals.

The influences and stories of Lovecraft reveals itself on this album in a haunting suite of 8 acts;
Chambers of Azatoth, Through The Dream Lands, From Dylath-Leen to the Dark Side Of The Moon, Moon Battle Of Cats,
To Ngranek, Face Of God, Leng/The Crawling Chaos, and finally, Morning In Marvellous City!

The song is from Space Mirrors’ 4th studio effort “In Darkness They Whisper”, which will be released on Transubstans Records in the beginning of August 2012!

Alisa Coral – analogue and digital synthesizers
Martyr Lucifer – vocals
Fabio Bartolini – rhythm and lead guitars
Alan Davey – bass
A.G. Bergstein – drums

Video by Alisa Coral of Space Mirrors.

SIDEBURN: New single released!

The SIDEBURN single “Diamonds / Crossing The Lines” is finally out on Transubstans, released worldwide on Spotify, Amazon, Itunes, 7Digital etc. It features two smashing tracks as a preview for the coming works of the Swedish doom-heroes!



Click the image to listen to it on Spotify!