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SALMA GANDHI: “The Quest For Nonsense Never Ends”

Salma Gandhi is a swedish instrumental band formed 2005 in Malmö. The members had been active at the stoner/metal/punkscene in Malmö for years and was hungry to create something totally different. After hours of jam sessions and a lot of fun they started to find some kind of a sound and concept and started making compositions. The musical genre is sometimes described as 70´s filmmusic or stonerjazz and the goal of the band is to give the recipient a somewhat narrative musical trip with a gallery of strange characters and different murky landscapes popping up along the way. 2012 they will release their debut album “The Quest For Nonsense Never Ends” at Transubstans records. Some of the main influenses are Pink Floyd, Oddjob, The Ethiopiques, Boris and Alfred Jarry.

Check out the video below for the track “Polish Rodeo For Drunken Teenage Midgets”


MANTRIC MUSE: First track out!

If you are into music based on a totally free and non-restrictive approach you could choose to spend a few hours with the new untitled CD from the Danish band MANTRIC MUSE. All the songs on the CD are made from a large catalogue of jams, which have been mapped, dissected and then re-created into parts. The different parts have afterwards been rearranged towards whole songs. Hereby, the base and the structures of the songs avoid most formal rules and fixed concepts (except the overall concept of organizing jams). The band tries to maintain the special freshness – the here and now – of the jams in the songs, so listeners can sense the present vibe of the original jams in the songs. Normally MANTRIC MUSE describes their music as music for neural travelling, and potentially the songs, which are all instrumental and also quite long, crafts a short break from the everyday life.

Bobby Sant: Off to the States!

Our most recent activity on our subsidiary Sakuntala Records was the release of BOBBY SANT’s “It’s Just A Lonely Feeling”.

Since then, things have started to happen with Bobby’s career;
in November, 2012 he will record his follow-up in Forshaga Kyrka, backed up by piano, additional guitars, violin & choirs – all made in capture-the-moment live takes.

In January 2013 he will also go to Austin, USA to participate in song-writing sessions on the legendary House Of Songs (!

Until then; check him out around Sweden as he’ll play the following venues:

07 Nov 2012 Bobby Sant @ Landet – Stockholm (S)
14 Nov 2012 Bobby Sant @ Katalin And All That Jazz – Uppsala (S)
16 Nov 2012 Bobby Sant @ Clarion Hotell Plaza – Karlstad (S)

To get the picture of what Bobby Sant captures with his live shows, check out this clip from Hotel Scandic, Örebro 2012.

DIRTY PASSION: New video out!

DIRTY PASSION has released a brand new music video for the track “Daughter Of The Reaper”!

“Swedish DIRTY PASSION takes it all to a whole new level with their new album “In Wonderland”. Since their debut “Different Tomorrow”, they have evolved their sound to something unique, withouth letting go of their peers (Y&T, FASTER PUSSYCAT, POISON, BEAUTIFUL BEAST). The band have toured hard since their debut album in 2011, with LOUDNESS and L.A. GUNS among others, and gained a solid reputation in the melodic hardrock scene, and this new album offers better songs, solid rockers, as well as melodic slow emotional tracks. Really great guitars, and a new vocalist Kriss Lohikoski Svensson as well. “In Wonderland” will prove DIRTY PASSION in top of the melodic Swedish hardrock pyramid.”

Their album will be released in November, on our sub-label Denomination Records.




SIDEBURN: “IV Monument” out!

We’re very proud to announce that SIDEBURN’s fourth effort “IV Monument” is released on Transubstans Records! The band have gained a solid reputation in the classic rock genre, mixing retro hardrock with todays classic rock sound, appealing to both friends of ZEPPELIN, SABBATH, early SCORPIONS as well as new bands like ALTER BRIDGE. Expect heavy guitar attacks, backed up by a steady rhythm section that we could hear in classic bands such as RAINBOW and UFO. They still possess the doom metal tone, only this time they have expanded their sound – expect a wonderful mixture of classic hardrock, doom metal, progressive hardrock and a dose of blues !!

Listen to “Bring The Down The Rain” below!

Egonaut signed to Transubstans!

Bastard Rock pioneers Egonaut are happy to announce that they have inked a deal with Transubstans Records.
Vocalist Fredrik comments the signing: “Transubstans is the perfect label for us and we feel that this is the beginning of a great cooperation. I can’t wait to go into the studio and start working on the new album”.
The band are entering the studio this wednesday to begin recording the follow up to the 2011 release “Electric”, the so far unnamed album is due for a release in february/march.

My Brother The Wind: Roadburn 2013

Taken from

“We’re very excited to announce that Sweden’s My Brother The Wind will bring their improvised experimental psychedelia to Roadburn Festival 2013 on Saturday, April 20th at the 013 venue in Tilburg, Holland.

Led by Anekdoten‘s Nicklas Barker, the chemistry between Barker, Mathias Danielsson (guitars), Ronny Eriksson (bass) and Tomas Eriksson (drums) is really something special, as captured on their latest album, I Wash My Soul in the Stream of Infinity , recorded in only  4 hours during a cold Swedish winter’s night in 2011.

With the focus less on guitar solos and more on group virtuosity, the instrumentation is altered to create interesting and intricately layered rock soundscapes, seemingly influenced by King Crimson, Amon Düül II and Sweden’s seminal prog-pioneers, Träd, Gräs och Stenar. This particular influences serve in distinguishing My Brother The Wind‘s instrumental odysseys from the current crop of European jam-bands.

My Brother The Wind takes the best elements of improvised kraut and prog-rock, and once the spaceship has escaped the pull of Earth’s gravity, they drift into magnificent droning space rock and psychedelic orbits.

Roadburn Festival 2013 will run for four days from Thursday, April 18th to Sunday, April 21st, 2013 (the traditional Afterburner event) at the 013 venue in Tilburg, Holland. Pre-sales start Thursday, 4 October at 20:30 CET.