Bobby Sant: Off to the States!

Our most recent activity on our subsidiary Sakuntala Records was the release of BOBBY SANT’s “It’s Just A Lonely Feeling”.

Since then, things have started to happen with Bobby’s career;
in November, 2012 he will record his follow-up in Forshaga Kyrka, backed up by piano, additional guitars, violin & choirs – all made in capture-the-moment live takes.

In January 2013 he will also go to Austin, USA to participate in song-writing sessions on the legendary House Of Songs (!

Until then; check him out around Sweden as he’ll play the following venues:

07 Nov 2012 Bobby Sant @ Landet – Stockholm (S)
14 Nov 2012 Bobby Sant @ Katalin And All That Jazz – Uppsala (S)
16 Nov 2012 Bobby Sant @ Clarion Hotell Plaza – Karlstad (S)

To get the picture of what Bobby Sant captures with his live shows, check out this clip from Hotel Scandic, Örebro 2012.


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