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Transubstans Records: Big sale!!

Transubstans Records now announces a big week sale on the label CD’s!


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MANTRIC MUSE: Review from Aural Innovations!


“Mantric Muse are a Danish space rock band who have been around for over a decade. They’ve appeared on some compilations and I’ve heard some unofficial live sets, but this is their first ever official album. The band are all instrumental. Ozric Tentacles are the most obvious analogy, and Oresund Space Collective sometimes comes to mind, which isn’t a surprise as some of these guys have played with and recorded with that band.

There are 7 tracks on the CD, mostly in the 7-10 minute range. Songs like Cinope, Sfunx, and Deep Sea Cheops are the ones with the most overt Ozric influences. Cinope is an ass kicking space rocker. Sfunx is similar, but as the title suggests, has a funky groove. Killer synths on this one; a total body grooving head trip. And Deep Sea Cheops is a cool combination of heavy driving space rock and atmospherics.

But Mantric Muse also incorporate various other influences, most notably on the opening track, Nanoid. We’ve got two guitars, one playing a King Crimson Discipline-era Robert Fripp pattern, and the other alternating between rock and jazz styles. Sometimes the whole has an Ozric Tentacles sound, and other times it’s got a kind of spaced out jazzy vibe that brings to mind David Torn. Sindband Sofareren starts off as a space rocker with hip-shaking Latin grooves, and then launches into a ripping rocker that’s part Ozrics, part jazz fusion, part prog rock, but all firmly within a space rock context. Azur is another Ozrics styled space rocker, but there’s lots of intriguing transitions, from Latin grooves, prog rock, metal guitar, and then rocking but meditative space-jazz-fusion, all coming together seamlessly. This sucker rocks hard. Finally, Gnoxience is the one shorter track of the set, being a 4 ½ minute Soundscape exploration.

In summary, this is one kick ass set of instrumental space rock. The music has a great jamming quality, but not loose and improvised. All the tracks are tightly performed and arranged. And I must say that despite the obvious Ozric sound, Mantric Muse are more than capable of synthesizing different styles and influences to create their own brand of space rock. Recommended.”

SWITCH OPENS: Nominated to P3 Guld !

Switch Opens from Stockholm, Sweden started out as Fingerspitzengefühl in 2000. They released two critically acclaimed albums as Fingerspitzengefühl (Fingerspitzengefühl in 2004 and Happy Doomsday in 2006, both on Kooljunk Communications) and decided to continue as Switch Opens in 2008 due to
spelling and pronunciation difficulties.

The first self-titled album under the new moniker was released in September 2009 by GMR Music Group. It was a collection of songs that ranged from psychedelic doom to raw punk energy, all on a solid foundation of heavy progressive rock. The album got rave reviews in Europe, USA and Canada. It alsowon the band P3 Guld, an award from the Swedish national radio, for Best Rock/Metal 2010. The new album Joint Clash continues this path. The foundation of the sound remains the same, but Switch Opens take the music in an even more dynamic direction. It is proggier, but also more dense with
melodies and sometimes surprising instrumentation and sounds.
The lyrics on the album deal with the themes of surveillance and control, which is exercised in society by political institutions, aimed at individuals and the society as a whole. The lyrics are trying to deal with these questions with the help from and inspired by the novel Kallocain by the Swedish writer Karin Boye,
first published in 1940. The first hand intention was not to make a concept album, but the band felt it was an interesting challenge
to write lyrics within a framework instead of random expressions about basically the same theme. The previous Switch Opens lyrics have often dealt with the tension between claustrophobia and liberation anyway, so the Karin Boye novel was very suited for inspiration. The album was recorded at Garaget Studio in Solna, Sweden by Michael Nordström and mastered by Magnus Lindberg from Cult Of Luna. Over the years Switch Opens has made a reputation as a must see live act. The performances are intense affairs with bassist/vocalist/drewling beast Jesper Skarin as the focal point, flanked by the electric, spastic
guitarist Mikael Tuominen on the right side and the bearded, long haired seventies time traveller Tomas Bergstrand on the left side. Drummer Anders Bartonek makes the solid, yet truly creative backbone. They have done extensive gigging on their own and supported bands such as Neurosis, Entombed, Graveyard and Scars On Broadway. They have also played festivals with bands like Tool, Motörhead and Opeth. Joint Clash was released worldwide by Transubstans Records on February 22, 2012.

Stockholmsbandets nya album ‘Joint Clash’ är lika skumt som det är fascinerande. Ett av landets mest underskattade band.
– Martin Carlsson, Expressen

Aldrig har så utsträckt metal passerat förbi så snabbt och för varje lyssning fördjupas respekten av träffsäkert musicerande.
– Sweden Rock Magazine

‘Joint Clash’ is an ambitious piece of work. An album that crosses boundaries, not out of adolescent rebellion but because the
musical vision of Switch Opens transcends the usual labelling urge that has both reviewers, record companies and listeners in its grip.
– Lords Of Metal

The verdict on Switch Opens from this Über Röcker is….I fucking love ‘em; in a world of musical mediocrity Switch Opens hold
a rare glimpse of true sanctuary.
– Über Rock

This is a pretty impressive album and one that I wasn’t too sure about on an initial listen. It just goes to show that if you are
prepared to think and better still to work outside the musical box, then the results can be quite astounding.
– Powerplay

In the end, this release proves a fascinating record to get into – unexpected, well-thought-through and with an element of surprise lurking around ever corner.
– Hardrock Haven

In fact, I think I shouldn’t mention anyone at all, as this is more than good enough to stand up on its own accord. That is, if you
love music that gets you brain working. If you do appreciate that a band doesn’t serve you a readymade meal or finely sliced
bread. If you are one who can enjoy a musical exploration trip. If you are, you will find me at your side.
– Fury Rocks

There is an authoritative air about the delivery of the tracks and one of a great deal of intent and force, in the same way each of
the personalities of Mastodon manage to push their own individual styles in their music. No instruments hide in the background
looking sheepish.
– Sonic Dice

Overloaded with original, heavy, catchy riffs that draw you into its infectious essence, ‘Switch Opens’ is an unpredictable ride
from start to finish with twists and turns that will leave you breathless and wanting to hit the play button again straight after the album’s finished.
– Metal Discovery

Switch Opens are:
Anders Bartonek – drums
Tomas Bergstrand – guitar
Jesper Skarin – bass and vocals
Mikael Tuominen – guitar

Record label: