NEWSLETTER 2013 – #2

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Hi again friends! This time we have a bit more sweets for you – music, news and how about the revival of TRANSUBSTANS VINYL CLUB?



Salvation (TRANS103)
Released: 2013/02/06

The fourth album from Swedish rockers STONEWALL NOISE ORCHESTRA delivers all you can ask from a modern rock band. Heavy riffs that recollects a classic metal scene are blended with catchy 70’s grooves that makes it impossible to drive slower than 90 mph… As the band did with the previous album “Sweet Mississippi Deal”, STONEWALL NOISE ORCHESTRA marks their place in Swedish rock history by proving it completely possible to mix up dirty rock with professionally arranged melodies and bridges. A must-have!
To celebrate this new release we also share another smashing track from the album, “New Age Inc.”!




Soul (TRANS104)
Release date: 2013/02/20

Soul is the newest universe bending, bone crushing CD from the Borlange based band THALAMUS. Their third full length piece to date. Like their previous cd Subterfuge (Transubstans 2011) it has a blend of low tempo songs and heavy stuff. But where Subterfuge tends to spin off into a bluesier mood, Soul is all about plain seventies hard rock in a modern suit…..with just a little flirt towards a progressive side. Bassist Peter Johansson explains:”For the first time we did all pre-production together. We had five months at my house, writing and pre-recording material. It was a new step for us; previously everyone brought their own songs, now we all took part in what everyone was doing. The result was that all songs almost directly became THALAMUS songs, with the same nerve as how we deliver the songs live.”


Front cover 200x200 egonaut

Mount Egonaut (TRANS107)
Release date: 2013/02/27

Two years after the successful debut “Electric” and the three-track EP “Los Egonauts”, EGONAUT returns with “Mount Egonaut”. The album-opener “Crawl” sets the mood for the rest of the album; heavy, fast well-arranged hard rock! The band smoothly blends the sleazy/melodic elements with a slight touch of stoner rock. Add a swirling 70’s organ and in-your-face vocals and voilà: you’ve got yourself some Bastard Rock. For friends of MUSTASCH, HARDCORE SUPERSTAR and METALLICA.



Release date: 2013/03/06

It took GENEROUS MARIA 7 years to deliver a 3rd album, from 2006 album “Electricism”, released on Buzzville. During these years, GENEROUS MARIA have developed a more clean sound, without giving up their original music. The band still delivers many real strong tracks, influenced by the 70’s hardrock scene, with incredible melodic hooks and a nod to the indie scene. Imagine AEROSMITH playing with SOUNDGARDEN, or similar to other artists like MUSTASCH, ALTER BRIDGE, WOLFMOTHER and MOTHER MISERY.


Syron Vanes - Evil Redux

Evil Redux (DEN005)
Release date: 2013/03/13

In order to reinvent something, it usually requires you to be there from start. Swedish SYRON VANES is a band that certainly has been there from the start – guitarist Anders Hahne and drummer Staffan Lindstedt formed SYRON VANES in 1980. Their fifth album “Evil Redux” is a statement for all metal fans out the. It is the most complex, innovative, sophisticated studio album SYRON VANES ever made. Massive guitars, powerful vocals, fantastic musicianship – a sound that’ll blow your mind anyday! To sum up; “Evil Redux” proves it possible for the classic heavy metal scene to keep the fire alive – even after three decades! The album will be released on Denomination Records in the middle of March.



 nymf band

 In early may 2013, NYMF will enter Berno Studio (The Haunted, Amon Amarth, Spiritual Beggars) in Malmö to record their second album that will be released 9/11 2013!
NYMF is:
Niklas Sjöberg (The Graviators)
Kristofer Stjernquist (Seeds of Cider, Trollfnask)
Martin Fairbanks (The Graviators)
Thommy Lindskog (Wulfgar)
Robin Ingemansson (Unfaithful)


gin lady

The date has finally been set for GIN LADY‘s follow up to their successful self-titled debut. The band is currently in the mixing process and we’re all psyched to hear the new material !



Ronny Erikssons MAGNOLIA is preparing their fourth album as you read this – the final result of this groovy trio will be released by Transubstans in June!



CRYSTAL CARAVAN new album “With Them You Walk Alone” is scheduled for release on April 6, 2013. Songs and more info to come in March!



SPACE MIRRORS back on track!
The international Space Rock / Prog Metal collective is recording their new album tited “Cosmic Horror II: The Other Gods”.
The bands line-up has changed, adding new recruits: Sparky Simmons (ACID FM), Claudio Tirincanti (BLAZE BAYLEY), Gabriel Monticello (SPACESEED) amongst others. The album is scheduled later in 2013 – more info to come!



After a long time without releases from the Transubstans Vinyl Club, we return with three grand splits!

This is a long-time awaited split, featuring Borlänge hardrockers THALAMUS and PONTUS SNIBB 3, a bluesrocking trio. It is expected to be released in the end of April.

This is a split featuring the totally improvised space rock group ÖRESUND SPACE COLLECTIVE and Danish instrumental jam group PAPIR.

The NYMF / DOZER split consists of NYMF’s “Possessed” and DOZER’s “The Imposter”. The version of “Possessed” is the same version that NYMF’s previousbass player Daniel Sköld appeared on. This split single will also be digitally released, together with a new NYMF song called “Fear Of The Doom”.
Expected in late April!

The artwork for all the singles will be announced in March.


There you have it, people! Please contact us if you have any questions about the upcoming releases!
Best regards
The Transubstans Crew


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