NEWSLETTER 2013 – #3

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Hi friends! After a cold winter, the sun has finally started to appear in Sweden!
Today we let some of the rays shine upon the new releases and the exciting news we have for you – have fun!



Soul (TRANS104)
Released: 2013/02/20

Soul is the newest universe bending, bone crushing CD from the Borlange based band THALAMUS. Their third full length piece to date. Like their previous cd Subterfuge (Transubstans 2011) it has a blend of low tempo songs and heavy stuff. But where Subterfuge tends to spin off into a bluesier mood, Soul is all about plain seventies hard rock in a modern suit…..with just a little flirt towards a progressive side. Bassist Peter Johansson explains:”For the first time we did all pre-production together. We had five months at my house, writing and pre-recording material. It was a new step for us; previously everyone brought their own songs, now we all took part in what everyone was doing. The result was that all songs almost directly became THALAMUS songs, with the same nerve as how we deliver the songs live.”


Front cover 200x200 egonaut

Mount Egonaut (TRANS107)
Release date: 2013/02/27

Two years after the successful debut “Electric” and the three-track EP “Los Egonauts”, EGONAUT returns with “Mount Egonaut”. The album-opener “Crawl” sets the mood for the rest of the album; heavy, fast well-arranged hard rock! The band smoothly blends the sleazy/melodic elements with a slight touch of stoner rock. Add a swirling 70’s organ and in-your-face vocals and voilà: you’ve got yourself some Bastard Rock. For friends of MUSTASCH, HARDCORE SUPERSTAR and METALLICA.



Release date: 2013/03/06

It took GENEROUS MARIA 7 years to deliver a 3rd album, from 2006 album “Electricism”, released on Buzzville. During these years, GENEROUS MARIA have developed a more clean sound, without giving up their original music. The band still delivers many real strong tracks, influenced by the 70’s hardrock scene, with incredible melodic hooks and a nod to the indie scene. Imagine AEROSMITH playing with SOUNDGARDEN, or similar to other artists like MUSTASCH, ALTER BRIDGE, WOLFMOTHER and MOTHER MISERY.


Syron Vanes - Evil Redux

Evil Redux (DEN005)
Release date: 2013/03/13

In order to reinvent something, it usually requires you to be there from start. Swedish SYRON VANES is a band that certainly has been there from the start – guitarist Anders Hahne and drummer Staffan Lindstedt formed SYRON VANES in 1980. Their fifth album “Evil Redux” is a statement for all metal fans out the. It is the most complex, innovative, sophisticated studio album SYRON VANES ever made. Massive guitars, powerful vocals, fantastic musicianship – a sound that’ll blow your mind anyday! To sum up; “Evil Redux” proves it possible for the classic heavy metal scene to keep the fire alive – even after three decades! The album will be released on Denomination Records in the middle of March.



Response To The Birddream (SAK005) (Sakuntala Records)
Release date: 2013/03/20

The third album by Swedish singer/songwriter EMMA NORDENSTAM takes a step in a new direction as her first album completely sung in English. Her sound has grown into a more emotional, melancholic mood than before – a mood that immediately brings your thought to such legends as VASHTI BUNYAN and JONI MITCHELL. This album will remember you of the early acid folk era, as well as the modern sounds of ANNA TERNHEIM, FERN KNIGHT and MARISSA NADLER. “The June morning we arrived to the studio it was already hot outside; bumblebees were buzzing beneath a magnolia tree with white buds… I sat down with my guitar and watched the magnolia flowers blossom in front of me while recording the basis of the songs. Six months later we walked in snow between the recording room and control room – Tom ran back and forward with new firewood to the stove while me and Cecilia made bonfires between the last overdubs.” Emma plays most of the instruments herself, but on “Response To The Birddream”, Lisa Isaksson (LISA O PIU) also participates. Members of MY BROTHER THE WIND take part on the last song, and this was recorded by Mattias Olsson of ÄNGLAGÅRD.



Everything Is Screaming (SAK008) (Sakuntala Records)
Release date: 2013/03/20

“Everything Is Screaming” is the debut album of Swedish singer/songwriter EMIKA KLASDOTTER. The featured tracks have carefully been chosen between tons of other songs written during a whole decade. EMIKA’s passion about what is close and real comes clear while listening to the fragile songs on the album – she sings about love, loneliness and the struggle within the common man. The emotions flowing through this record could easily be the same emotions flowing through a lifetime. The album is partially recorded in EMIKA’s home studio, by herself and Tommie Thunström. The other parts of the album was recorded on tape, in the studio of Tom Hakava (UpAndRunningRecording). EMMA NORDENSTAM, who is releasing her third album “Response To The Birddream” on the same date played cello and piano on some of the tracks. Cecilia Klingspor, Karl-Jonas Winqvist (BLOODMUSIC) and Johan T Karlsson (FAMILJEN) is also participating on this record. Very recommended for fans of the modern singer/songwriter -scene, suitable for anyone who enjoys the sound of ANNA TERNHEIM, CAT POWER, FERN KNIGHT etc.




CRYSTAL CARAVAN’s new effort is available for pre-order!
“In the spring of 2013 The Crystal Caravan are planning their third release, With Them You Walk Alone. Right from day one, the band decides to, for the first time, just do it all themselves. With a certain amount of hybris given the band’s guitarist and founders, Björn Lohmander and Stefan Bränberg, the responsibility as a sound engineers, producers and the mixing of the album. The level of ambition is higher than ever and the time to finalize the album is set by a good margin. Unlike the jammed and live recorded predecessor, Against the Rising Tide, the idea is to take the arrangements to a new level. During the work of With Them You Walk Alone, the band has gone from being a seven-piece band into a six-piece with a more distinct and a more guitar-based sound. A greater emphasis has also been placed on the work of mixing and soundscapes created by analog synthesizers, tape echoes and Leslie cabinets. To go the whole hog and do not repeat themselves have been symptomatic of how With Them You Walk Alone has been developed. And even if they decide to do it all yourself, they cannot help, in the true spirit of Umeå, to take the help of the amazing Lina Högstrom (Skator). Highly recommended for friends of
but also acts like TSOOL and THE DOORS.”

Mystery bus

The Three Seasons debut album ”Life’s Road” recieved a lot of attention upon its release in 2011. The album have twice reached great spots on the Swedish charts, the reviews have been splendid (”This 2011 debut album goes straight into the heart!”; ”This is 70′s-influenced rock at it’s best – 5/5”; ”I believe Three Seasons and their “Life’s Road” is the best release of this 2011”; and so forth…) and the album was also released as a fine double vinyl in co-operation with Dutch distributors Clear Spot.

After the release of this firstalbum, Three Seasons have been doing a lot of gigs and shows, including for example a long tour in Spain. The band have since their also released a 7-inch single ”Escape” and a second full-length album ”Understand The World”, both of which have recieved very good reviews and apprecation. ”Understand The World” has by many critics been considered one of the very best albums of the whole 2012, and has also been featured on the official Swedish charts. And in the coming spring, the band will be back on tour in Spain again to support their releases.

The first pressing of the ”Life’s Road” have long been sold out due to popular demand, but now at last a second pressing is on its way! Be sure to keep your eyes open and snag your copy, before it’s too late once again.

PS. If you’re in the middle of Sweden: the release fest for the second Three Seasons album will take place this coming Saturday, on the 9th of March in Sala! Don’t miss this one – find all the relevant info here:


That’s all for now! Please contact us if you have any
questions about the upcoming releases!
Best regards
The Transubstans Crew


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