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ALBUM OF THE DAY: Sandrose – s/t


Unlike most other European countries, except England, the French scene was alot more inspired by bands like SOFT MACHINE, rather than the Italian and Dutch, who followed the UK idols in KING CRIMSON, YES and E.L.P. The debut album from SANDROSE is more or less a total classic that was more inspired by the symphonic movement of the 70’s UK scene. Haunting guitars from Jean Pierre Alarcen is beautifully combined with the lovely voice of Rose Podwojny, with added swirling hammonds. Unfortunately, the band did not do much more. The band had it’s roots in EDEN ROSE, which also is a really nice album, although, not a classic as this one is.


ALBUM OF THE DAY: Buffalo – Volcanic Rock


When speaking of heavy music from the early 70’s Aussie scene, I often hold MASTERS APPRENTICES high. The 2nd band that are really deserving to be re-discovered is BUFFALO. Hosting Peter Wells in his pre-ROSE TATTOO era, the 3 first albums from BUFFALO and sheer heavy grinding guitar madness, taking more influence from North American bands like SIR LORD BALTIMORE and BANG, rather than the more blues influenced sounds of the UK acts like BLACK SABBATH. This is heavy, this grinding madness, and in front of everything, this is great music !

ALBUM OF THE DAY: Algarnas Tradgard – Framtiden Ar Ett Svavande Skepp Forankrat I Forntiden…


So who said the Germans could do the most stoned music in the early 70’s ? OK, I would not deny bands like XHOL CARAVAN, KALACAKRA and BRAINTICKET is far out there in the subconsiousness, however, the debut album of Swedish psychedelic band ALGARNAS TRADGARD do give the most drugged, the most far out in space bands and the most stoned bands a real match. Free improvisation mixed with psychedelia and a bit of folk made a superb prescription, and this is a true classic of Scandinavian underground culture of the early 70’s.


1973. The year is respected for many great albums that came out that year ! Canadian JACKAL are no excuse. The band did nothing else, but left a legacy of a fulfilled album that combines the heavy prog elements with … Continue reading

ALBUM OF THE DAY: Dreaming – Dreaming II


THE DREAMING. The band name sounds psychedelic and far spaced out, but nothing could be more wrong. The German trio released their second major opus back in 2006 on Psychedoomelic Records. While people can discuss if this is stoner rock, or doom metal, I would say it’s somewhere in the middle. IRON MAN and OBSESSED pops up in my mind right ahead. The guitar melodic are filled with hooks, and the melodies stuck on the brain immediately. The vocals somehow remind me of WINO (VITUS, SHRINEBUILDER etc). A great and underrated album still around these days for pennies.

ALBUM OF THE DAY: Automatic Fine Tuning – A.F.T.

ImageHow crude can it be ? The sheer madness of UK based AUTOMATIC FINE TUNING is not easily compared to other bands. Blistering and frantic instrumental songs with ear damaging endless guitar harmonies, sounding like a 35 minute solo from the debut album of RAINBOW, but with some more tempo changes and progressive elements. The band did not do much more than this, who knows what they are doing today, but the 6 string benders should be elected into the hall of fame. An obscure & unknown gem, obvious for the heavy progressive / hardrock connossieur.

ALBUM OF THE DAY: Witchfinder General – Death Penalty


When speaking of the NWOBHM few bands still have such impact as the legendary WITCHFINDER GENERAL. Back in the early 80’s, they released 2 full length albums and a few singles as well. Heavy duty guitar riffing with lyrics that was filled with witches, sinners, drugs and over all evil contents. The sleeves were superb showing the band in monk alike clothes taking care of presumed women who did not fit in the church laws of the medieval times. Sleeves that would attract any young BLACK SABBATH fan like me. Both their albums still remain absolute top classic albums until these days. The vinyls came in many different colours, clear, red, silver, black and picture discs, the singles, especially their debut “Burning a sinner” is damn hard to find these days. Without WITCHFINDER GENERAL, the stoner / retro evil metal scene would
not be as great as it is these days !