ALBUM OF THE DAY: Witchfinder General – Death Penalty


When speaking of the NWOBHM few bands still have such impact as the legendary WITCHFINDER GENERAL. Back in the early 80’s, they released 2 full length albums and a few singles as well. Heavy duty guitar riffing with lyrics that was filled with witches, sinners, drugs and over all evil contents. The sleeves were superb showing the band in monk alike clothes taking care of presumed women who did not fit in the church laws of the medieval times. Sleeves that would attract any young BLACK SABBATH fan like me. Both their albums still remain absolute top classic albums until these days. The vinyls came in many different colours, clear, red, silver, black and picture discs, the singles, especially their debut “Burning a sinner” is damn hard to find these days. Without WITCHFINDER GENERAL, the stoner / retro evil metal scene would
not be as great as it is these days !


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