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THREE SEASONS: 2nd track out from coming album!

Three Seasons has now made the a second track from the coming album “Understand The World” available for streaming!

After a very successful debut album and a largely appreciated 7-incher, THREE SEASONS are now working on a new full-length LP! The album is a twisting and turning mixture going to many different places while at the same time never leaving the sound of Three Seasons – the grooving, hard-hitting drumming and dynamic bass married with characteristic lead vocals and a most wicked guitar sound. It’s a strong foundation of an original band, who clearly have developed and found their sound! Here you’ll find folky grooves, Hendrixian guitar leads, rock-solid riffing, and more still… These Swedes deliver yet another amazing release you’ll have to get your hands on ASAP! An essential record for anyone into LED ZEPPELIN, JIMI HENDRIX, DEEP PURPLE,
THE DOORS or bands similar.


DIRTY PASSION: In Wonderland released!

We are very proud to present the 4th effort from one of our sub-labels: the heavy metal dedicated Denomination Records.

This time we bring you the pride of Southern Sweden, DIRTY PASSION. After releasing their debut on Denomination they have gained a great reputation and toured with L.A. Guns (!)

Click the album cover to listen to DIRTY PASSION’s “Daughter Of The Reaper”

SIDEBURN: “IV Monument” out!

We’re very proud to announce that SIDEBURN’s fourth effort “IV Monument” is released on Transubstans Records! The band have gained a solid reputation in the classic rock genre, mixing retro hardrock with todays classic rock sound, appealing to both friends of ZEPPELIN, SABBATH, early SCORPIONS as well as new bands like ALTER BRIDGE. Expect heavy guitar attacks, backed up by a steady rhythm section that we could hear in classic bands such as RAINBOW and UFO. They still possess the doom metal tone, only this time they have expanded their sound – expect a wonderful mixture of classic hardrock, doom metal, progressive hardrock and a dose of blues !!

Listen to “Bring The Down The Rain” below!

SALMA GANDHI: First track out from “The Quest For Nonsense Never Ends”!






Salma Gandhi is a swedish instrumental band formed 2005 in Malmö.
The members had been active at the stoner/metal/punkscene in Malmö for years
and was hungry to create something totally different. After hours of jam sessions
and a lot of fun they started to find some kind of a sound and concept and started making compositions.
The musical genre is sometimes described as 70´s filmmusic or stonerjazz and the goal of the band
is to give the recipient a somewhat narrative musical trip with a gallery of strange characters
and different murky landscapes popping up along the way. 2012 they will release their debut album
”The Quest For Nonsense Never Ends” at Transubstans records. Some of the main influenses are
Pink Floyd, Oddjob, The Ethiopiques, Boris Vian and Alfred Jarry.





Space Mirrors: Competition time!




The winners of the Space Mirrors contest will be announced on the release date, August 1st. There is still time to compete for a free copy of the new album “In Darkness They Whisper” – simply click the image below to get redirected to Aural Innovations.


Good luck!




JOHN DUVA: New review out!




Olav Björnsen from PROGRESSOR wrote a nice review for JOHN DUVA’s self-titled debut!

It follows here:


“Swedish quartet JOHN DUVA have been around for a good few years from what I understand, limiting their endeavours to band rehearsals where the members can release built up frustrations from their everyday lives into music. They were discovered and quickly signed by Swedish label Transubstans Records, who released their self-titled debut album on the Troglodyte imprint in February 2012.

And what we’re dealing with here is a good, old fashioned band that have a clear emphasis on high energy rock and roll. Dirty and grimy, but also with a few tender touches and passages that documents a band with good instrumental skills. But at the core of everything there’s energy and aggression. With high octane, at times almost frantic drum patterns giving the bassist a good run for the money as the busiest instrumentalist of this foursome. I might add that this is a band fond of a loud drum sound too, cue a band like The Who. The guitarists provides the main parts of the variation at hand, providing hammering staccato riffs and easygoing circulating riff patterns with ease, but when it’s time fo an instrumental passage they’ll frequently adds some more polished touches to the proceedings, adding melodic, harmonised layers on top of the high energy rhythm foundation. As well as dampened, gentler psychedelic oriented sequences on a few occasions.

Then there’s the lead vocals, and in this case this is a like or loathe aspect of this band’s performance. The lead vocals are shouted, and in a manner that documents quite nicely that passion and aggression is far more important than melodies and staying in tune. Punk is probably a key word here, if you really enjoy punk music and punk lead vocalists then this will be a perfect band to explore, if you can’t stand it then John Duva isn’t an act that will interest you.

The end result is an album filled with high energy material, with stylistic roots that can be tracked back to good, old The Who, following the line of development that encompasses garage rock and punk rock. Aggressive, deceptively primitive in expression, with a few touches of instrumental class that makes me suspect that this quartet also know a fair bit about bands like Turbonegro. And comes recommended to those who feels that this is an enticing description.

My rating: 64/10″





This time our friends at Sea Of Tranquility gave us some nice feedback on CAPTAIN CRIMSON’s coming debut album “Dancing Madly Backwards”!


“No doubt Sweden’s Captain Crimson were influenced by legendary ’70s band Captain Beyond, deciding to name their debut album after the classic track “Dancing Madly Backwards” from that bands self titled debut in 1972. Otherwise though, Dancing Madly Backwardsis another great Swedish retro ride, as so many bands from that country are doing a fine job of keeping those ’70s sounds alive.

Despite the band name and CD title obviously tipping their hat to Captain Beyond, the lads from Captain Crimson also tap into the vibe of such acts as Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Atomic Rooster, Mountain, Cactus, UFO, Pentagram, Leaf Hound, Grand Funk Railroad, The Doors, and Humble Pie, as well as fellow Swedish acts Graveyard and Witchcraft. Loads of vintage fuzz-toned guitar riffs and solos abound, especially on the thick & muscular “River”, the doomy “Lonely Devils Club”, and the heavy blues-rock of “Mountain of Sleep”. The band delivers some melancholy hard rock/blues on the poignant “Don’t Take Me For a Fool”, while “Autumn” brings to mind the early, aggressive garage rock of the MC5 and Grand Funk Railroad, complete with raucous, distorted guitar & bass riffs that scream 1969. “Wizard’s Bonnet” is vintage sounding heavy rock complete with blistering lead guitar and meaty riffs, while “Silver Moon” and “True Color” could have easily been leftovers from Deep Purple’s In Rock album, minus the Hammond organ. The closing title track has some wonderful Black Sabbath styled power chords over intricate rhythms, and the lead vocals have plenty of attitude, which in fact can be said about the entire album.

Dancing Madly Backwards is a fun filled ride down memory lane, as Captain Crimson bring back images and sounds of so many great hard rock acts of the past, and do so in a convincing manner. You’ll be headbanging and playing air guitar to this entire album, I promise you. Another winner from the folks at Transubstand/Record Heaven!”

– Pete Pardo



Click the album cover to pre-order the album at the Record Heaven Webshop!