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RH Digital Distribution: Alan J. Bound – Cosmology

ImageDigital release date: 2013-10-04

Cosmology is how new CD of Cologne based Alan J. Bound is named. It is a mixture between Chillout and Ambient blending also Psychedelic Rock and Space Rock to a relaxing composite.  Here you are, reverb guitar riffs, spacy atmospheric synth sounds, studio effects and far out echo chant. All propelled by the magic drums of CAN legend Jaki Liebezeit. Dreamy  and spacy stuff in state of the Art sound, recorded by one of the finest german studio which once helped Eloy to success. Alan J. Bound played twice at Hawkwind’s  fantastic Hawkfest home of Space and Psychedelic Rock.



RH Digital Distribution: Gudars Skymning – Dansa Tillbaks Till Din Grav

ImageDigital release date: 2013-08-18

Debut album from Swedish 70’s influenced hardrock arct. Heavy riffings with Swedish lyrics, simply a must for all friends into NOVEMBER, ABRAMIS BRAMA, MAGNOLIA and SVARTE PAN! Really great album!


RH Digital Distribution: Idee Confuse – Linea Di Confine

Digital release date: 2013-12-10

Linea di Confine is the first studio album of Idee Confuse, released on CD in October 2013, completely self-produced.
The genesis of the album was not completed in block but it collects songs born in different contexts and moments. This should have excluded conceptual unity, while deviating from the idea of concept album, which is instead found in the theme of “border line”, which is identified in the confused area where the disappearance of certainty and past references begins to give place to new sensations and reality, which are not yet known but perceptible. It is close to the boundary line that the conflict between reality and illusion, the relationship between appearance and essence, the difference between individuality and collectivity, between hope and denial are mixed up and confused.


Transubstans At Live At Heart 2013

Friday, 00:00 @ Club 700

Friday, 00:00 @ Nivå
Saturday, 21:00 @ Rosengrens Skafferi
Saturday, 00:00 @ Level

Saturday, 22:00 @ Scandic Garage
Saturday, +01:00 @ Nivå


Be sure to check them out!

Magnolia: New interview!


Ronny Eriksson’s MAGNOLIA was interviewed by Dutch magazine Lords Of Metal! Click here to read!

SPACE MIRRORS: The Nameless City (Official Video)

Space Mirrors is presenting a new video for the track “The Nameless City”!


Click photo to see video

“The Nameless City” (music & lyrics by Alisa Coral, inspired by H.P. Lovecraft). Video by Enzoo Stektelj.
Alisa Coral (Russia) – keyboards & synthesizers
Martyr Lucifer (Italy) – vocals
Gabriel Monticello (USA) – bass, upright bass
Sparky Simmons (USA) – rhythm and lead guitars
Claudio Tirincanti (Italy) – drums, percussion


Dynamite: 8 / 10 in Sweden Rock Magazine

Image“Few, if any bands had the same impact on today’s hard rock bands as AC/DC.
This is a genre that – when the role models themselves performs it – is called arena rock.But call it what you want, this music will always have it’s finest moments in an intimate club scene. And right there we find DYNAMITE, that’s currently travelin’ around in the same manners as AC/DC did in (amongst other places) Växjö in 1976.
Dynamite has the Bon Scott -era as primary reference and it’s as convincing as Airbourne, Rhino Bucket, 77 and Swedish Bonafide.

The quality of this debut is surprisingly high and even, just like the charm in their performance. There may be a commercial restriction in being so strongly associated with another band, but if you ask me; I’d rather choose the club scene with these bands every day of the week instead of a worn out band on Ullevi, 200 meters from the stage where all you can see is the TV screens…”

– Dennis Karlsson, Sweden Rock Magazine