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DYNAMITE: New review

For our German-speaking friends; DYNAMITE got a nice review in METAL HAMMER !



SPACE MIRRORS: New video out!

ImageInternational spacerockers SPACE MIRRORS has finally put out a new video for their coming album “The Other Gods”! Check it out by clicking the picture above!


GIN LADY: “Mother’s Ruin” out now!

Transubstans Records gladly presents GIN LADY’s new album!


The world prog fans shed tears when BLACK BONZO anounced their demise back in 2009. Most of them got their revival when GIN LADY rose from the ashes of BLACK BONZO, containing most members of BLACK BONZO. GIN LADY released their self titled debut back in 2012, and the reviwes were far better than fabolous ! Taking a step back towards the classic rock sounds, but still maintaining the unique sound of BLACK BONZO, one could not ask for a better debut album. Keeping the productive interest of creating new music GIN LADY now strikes back, attacking in full scale ! Not giving us a ordinary 40 minute album, but a album, clocking in on more close to 70 minutes,
we get the GIN LADY fever again !!

Out on 2 CD & 2 LP (black / transparent green)


MAGNOLIA: New track out!

Second track posted from MAGNOLIA’s coming album “Tänk Själv”! Hope you’ll like it!


MAGNOLIA: First track from the coming album!!

MAGNOLIA is a Transubstans band that’s been around since 2006. Now they finally return with their fourth album, “Tänk Själv”, and the sound has taken a more aggressive turn since 2010’s “Steg För Steg”. Ronny Eriksson, bassist and vocalist of MAGNOLIA is with this album proving his position as Sweden’s grooviest musician! Hard to believe? Just listen…





The fourth album from Swedish rockers STONEWALL NOISE ORCHESTRA delivers all you can ask from a modern rock band. Heavy riffs that recollects a classic metal scene are blended with catchy 70’s grooves that makes it impossible to drive slower than 90 mph… As the band did with the previous album “Sweet Mississippi Deal”, STONEWALL NOISE ORCHESTRA marks their place in Swedish rock history by proving it completely possible to mix up dirty rock with professionally arranged melodies and bridges. A must-have!

EGONAUT: New album available for pre-order!


We are very proud to present the second album by Swedish bastard rockers EGONAUT!

Two years after the successful debut “Electric” and the three-track EP “Los Egonauts”, EGONAUT returns with “Mount Egonaut”. The album-opener “Crawl” sets the mood for the rest of the album; heavy, fast well-arranged hard rock! The band smoothly blends the sleazy/melodic elements with a slight touch of stoner rock. Add a swirling 70’s organ and in-your-face vocals and voilà: you’ve got yourself some Bastard Rock. For friends of MUSTASCH, HARDCORE SUPERSTAR and METALLICA.

Click album cover to pre-order!