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RH Digital Distribution: Mamon – Creatures

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Gothenburg-based hard rockers MAMON successfully takes us back to the early 70’s! They are mixing the groove from early LED ZEPPELIN along with a vigorous Hammond organ that makes you remember the first time you heard DEEP PURPLE’s mighty “In Rock”. Their first single “Creatures” is a mash-up of beautifully crafted melodies and arrangements, a skilled rhythm section that brings MOUNTAIN’s Felix Pappalardi and N.D. Smart to mind. Mix this with the dashing voice of Caroline Wennergrund and you got MAMON, a band that interpreters the best era of music in their own way.”

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Three Seasons “Grow” out now on Transubstans Records!

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Swedish acid rockers THREE SEASONS have been absolutely famed by fans and media for their genuine yet original 60s/70s sound, and there’s no wonder why – with the muscular riffs, grooving rhythms and really tasty solos, the band has found the perfect approach to the hard-hitting psychedelic, jammy blues rock from the past. And if their earlier work got you going (or perhaps “brought forth rivers of tears of joy in the eyes of music consumers and loudspeakers”, as one reviewer thought), the band’s upcoming full-length album GROW is guaranteed to get you going even more. On GROW we get 8 songs of the highest quality, all of which show a special side of the band’s music. To name a few, there is “Which Way” with a mystical opening that turns into a catchy, folky groove; “Drowning”, a full-on riffer with high energy and great latino-style percussion; “No Shame”, where the album gets emotional with some really heartfelt vocals; and in “Tablas of Bahar” there is the wordless magic of a traveling, many-sided instrumental. Further, an important novelty on this record is that lead guitarist and vocalist Sartez Faraj now also handles the hammond organ with great success – check out the 10-minute epic “Familiar Song” for sweet psychedelic melodies, great riffings and a most penetrating organ solo. To summarise: this album is certainly one of the musical higlights of 2014. The band has set their bar very high – previous releases LIFE’S ROAD, ESCAPE and UNDERSTAND THE WORLD have not only received loads of top score-reviews, high spots on the official album charts and “Best album of the year” awards, but also been sold-out and re-pressed – but GROW is sure to beat all expectations.

Transubstans Vinyl Club: New issue on it’s way!

Finally, #8 in the Transubstans Vinyl Club Series is upcoming!This time we are very happy to present Swedish hard rock veterans ABRAMIS BRAMA together with Norwegian dirt rockers BLACK DEBBATH!

It will be released on January 22nd, both on black vinyl and limited blue vinyl.

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1973. The year is respected for many great albums that came out that year ! Canadian JACKAL are no excuse. The band did nothing else, but left a legacy of a fulfilled album that combines the heavy prog elements with … Continue reading

ALBUM OF THE DAY: Automatic Fine Tuning – A.F.T.

ImageHow crude can it be ? The sheer madness of UK based AUTOMATIC FINE TUNING is not easily compared to other bands. Blistering and frantic instrumental songs with ear damaging endless guitar harmonies, sounding like a 35 minute solo from the debut album of RAINBOW, but with some more tempo changes and progressive elements. The band did not do much more than this, who knows what they are doing today, but the 6 string benders should be elected into the hall of fame. An obscure & unknown gem, obvious for the heavy progressive / hardrock connossieur.

Magnolia: New interview!


Ronny Eriksson’s MAGNOLIA was interviewed by Dutch magazine Lords Of Metal! Click here to read!

Dynamite: 8 / 10 in Sweden Rock Magazine

Image“Few, if any bands had the same impact on today’s hard rock bands as AC/DC.
This is a genre that – when the role models themselves performs it – is called arena rock.But call it what you want, this music will always have it’s finest moments in an intimate club scene. And right there we find DYNAMITE, that’s currently travelin’ around in the same manners as AC/DC did in (amongst other places) Växjö in 1976.
Dynamite has the Bon Scott -era as primary reference and it’s as convincing as Airbourne, Rhino Bucket, 77 and Swedish Bonafide.

The quality of this debut is surprisingly high and even, just like the charm in their performance. There may be a commercial restriction in being so strongly associated with another band, but if you ask me; I’d rather choose the club scene with these bands every day of the week instead of a worn out band on Ullevi, 200 meters from the stage where all you can see is the TV screens…”

– Dennis Karlsson, Sweden Rock Magazine