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RH Digital Distribution: Mamon – Creatures

EP cover final

Gothenburg-based hard rockers MAMON successfully takes us back to the early 70’s! They are mixing the groove from early LED ZEPPELIN along with a vigorous Hammond organ that makes you remember the first time you heard DEEP PURPLE’s mighty “In Rock”. Their first single “Creatures” is a mash-up of beautifully crafted melodies and arrangements, a skilled rhythm section that brings MOUNTAIN’s Felix Pappalardi and N.D. Smart to mind. Mix this with the dashing voice of Caroline Wennergrund and you got MAMON, a band that interpreters the best era of music in their own way.”

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RH Digital Distribution: Psychic Sun – Rising Suns And Fallen Angels

Front cover

Australian band Psychic Sun was formed around a cacophony of retro swagger and modern mayhem. Featuring Mitch Tighe (guitar, vocals), Geoff Williams (guitar, vocals), Josh Holloway (bass, keys), Marques Bragg (drums and Rebecca Fitton (percussion, vocals), as a unit the band blend supercharged groove and dirt with ambient, psyche-based textures. Their unique sound is encapsulated in their 2014 self-produced debut album “Rising Suns And Fallen Angels”.

So far the record has made rotation on Triple J Unearthed Radio and various Australian independent stations, and has featured on blogs such as http://www.sludged.com, deadwrong.de in Germany and Recyclable Sounds in Russia.

RH Digital Distribution: Cosmic Overlord & The Satellite Circle


Cosmic Overlord delivers heavy and doomy tunes in the style of Saint Vitus, Black Sabbath and Candlemass. A slow and heavy mix of rough edged vocals, guitar riffs, distorted moving bass, alien analog synth effects and prog weirdo percussion will send you far into outer space.



ImageThis band make no secret of their driving inspiration. A cover featuring large, pink bubble letters and a girl with a 70’s hair-do leave no ambiguities about classification. This Swedish trio are the ultimate in psychedelic stoner doom metal. Massive, ripping guitar distorsion, echoing drums, sitars and tambourines lay waste to all cheery exuberance.



ImageAn absolutely high-recommendable five song EP from this Swedish power trio. The roots of the CIRCLE lay back in 1997 and this demo is from 1999, recorded in two days in July. The band is having a lot of 70’s influences, like for example SIR LORD BALTIMORE, MOUNTAIN, BLUE CHEER or GRAND FUNK RAILROAD and The Satellite Circle create the same vibe like these bands.


Transubstans Vinyl Club: New issue on it’s way!

Finally, #8 in the Transubstans Vinyl Club Series is upcoming!This time we are very happy to present Swedish hard rock veterans ABRAMIS BRAMA together with Norwegian dirt rockers BLACK DEBBATH!

It will be released on January 22nd, both on black vinyl and limited blue vinyl.

Click here to pre-order the black vinyl
Click here to pre-order the blue vinyl

MAGNOLIA: New track out!

Second track posted from MAGNOLIA’s coming album “Tänk Själv”! Hope you’ll like it!


MAGNOLIA: First track from the coming album!!

MAGNOLIA is a Transubstans band that’s been around since 2006. Now they finally return with their fourth album, “Tänk Själv”, and the sound has taken a more aggressive turn since 2010’s “Steg För Steg”. Ronny Eriksson, bassist and vocalist of MAGNOLIA is with this album proving his position as Sweden’s grooviest musician! Hard to believe? Just listen…





The fourth album from Swedish rockers STONEWALL NOISE ORCHESTRA delivers all you can ask from a modern rock band. Heavy riffs that recollects a classic metal scene are blended with catchy 70’s grooves that makes it impossible to drive slower than 90 mph… As the band did with the previous album “Sweet Mississippi Deal”, STONEWALL NOISE ORCHESTRA marks their place in Swedish rock history by proving it completely possible to mix up dirty rock with professionally arranged melodies and bridges. A must-have!