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RH Digital Distribution: Psychic Sun – Rising Suns And Fallen Angels

Front cover

Australian band Psychic Sun was formed around a cacophony of retro swagger and modern mayhem. Featuring Mitch Tighe (guitar, vocals), Geoff Williams (guitar, vocals), Josh Holloway (bass, keys), Marques Bragg (drums and Rebecca Fitton (percussion, vocals), as a unit the band blend supercharged groove and dirt with ambient, psyche-based textures. Their unique sound is encapsulated in their 2014 self-produced debut album “Rising Suns And Fallen Angels”.

So far the record has made rotation on Triple J Unearthed Radio and various Australian independent stations, and has featured on blogs such as http://www.sludged.com, deadwrong.de in Germany and Recyclable Sounds in Russia.


RH Digital Distribution: Ethereal Riffian – Aeonian

Aeonian album cover
‘Ethereal Riffian’s’ from Ukraine full-length album ‘Aeonian’ is the band’s most mature work combining progressive stoner/doom with mind-bending psychedelic and heaviest riffs in the entire galaxy. The eponymous book merged as a result of band’s intention to fully disclose the ideas and concepts of this album. With this exceptional release, Ethereal Riffian have made a great step forward into showcasing the cohesion in their writing what resulted in a record that is certainly far above today’s standards. And for that you have to experience this album.


RH Digital Distribution: Demoner – Anakronism

ImageJazz Rock, Prog, Psych, Instrumental Rock. Call it what you want. Demoner wants to play the movie inside your head in order to create groove, pain, anguish and ecstasy. This band  has got one foot in the psychedelic instrumental rock and the other one in the afro-american improvisation music. In the middle of this there is a grand passion for soundtracks, and the timeless melancholic edge of Swedish folk music. Fläsket Brinner meets Herbie Hancock, King Crimson meets Jaga Jazzist.
Kebnekajse meets Mahavishnu Orchestra and so on…

Anakronism is the debut of Demoner. It was recorded in one weekend, October 2013 in Malmoe’s own Tambourine Studios. All tracks were recorded live to capture the organic partnership between the musicians.