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Three Seasons “Grow” out now on Transubstans Records!

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Swedish acid rockers THREE SEASONS have been absolutely famed by fans and media for their genuine yet original 60s/70s sound, and there’s no wonder why – with the muscular riffs, grooving rhythms and really tasty solos, the band has found the perfect approach to the hard-hitting psychedelic, jammy blues rock from the past. And if their earlier work got you going (or perhaps “brought forth rivers of tears of joy in the eyes of music consumers and loudspeakers”, as one reviewer thought), the band’s upcoming full-length album GROW is guaranteed to get you going even more. On GROW we get 8 songs of the highest quality, all of which show a special side of the band’s music. To name a few, there is “Which Way” with a mystical opening that turns into a catchy, folky groove; “Drowning”, a full-on riffer with high energy and great latino-style percussion; “No Shame”, where the album gets emotional with some really heartfelt vocals; and in “Tablas of Bahar” there is the wordless magic of a traveling, many-sided instrumental. Further, an important novelty on this record is that lead guitarist and vocalist Sartez Faraj now also handles the hammond organ with great success – check out the 10-minute epic “Familiar Song” for sweet psychedelic melodies, great riffings and a most penetrating organ solo. To summarise: this album is certainly one of the musical higlights of 2014. The band has set their bar very high – previous releases LIFE’S ROAD, ESCAPE and UNDERSTAND THE WORLD have not only received loads of top score-reviews, high spots on the official album charts and “Best album of the year” awards, but also been sold-out and re-pressed – but GROW is sure to beat all expectations.


RH Digital Distribution: Alan J. Bound – Cosmology

ImageDigital release date: 2013-10-04

Cosmology is how new CD of Cologne based Alan J. Bound is named. It is a mixture between Chillout and Ambient blending also Psychedelic Rock and Space Rock to a relaxing composite.  Here you are, reverb guitar riffs, spacy atmospheric synth sounds, studio effects and far out echo chant. All propelled by the magic drums of CAN legend Jaki Liebezeit. Dreamy  and spacy stuff in state of the Art sound, recorded by one of the finest german studio which once helped Eloy to success. Alan J. Bound played twice at Hawkwind’s  fantastic Hawkfest home of Space and Psychedelic Rock.


KAMA LOKA: New review!

For our German based friends;
a wonderful review written by the good people of RockBlogBluesSpot!
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The Crystal Caravan: With Them You Walk Alone out now!

We’re very proud to announce the new release from Crystal Caravan!
Right from day one, the band decides to, for the first time, just do it all themselves. With a certain amount of hybris given the band’s guitarist and founders, Björn Lohmander and Stefan Bränberg, the responsibility as a sound engineers, producers and the mixing of the album. The level of ambition is higher than ever and the time to finalize the album is set by a good margin. Unlike the jammed and live recorded predecessor, Against the Rising Tide, the idea is to take the arrangements to a new level. During the work of With Them You Walk Alone, the band has gone from being a seven-piece band into a six-piece with a more distinct and a more guitar-based sound. A greater emphasis has also been placed on the work of mixing and soundscapes created by analog synthesizers, tape echoes and Leslie cabinets. To go the whole hog and do not repeat themselves have been symptomatic of how With Them You Walk Alone has been developed. And even if they decide to do it all yourself, they cannot help, in the true spirit of Umeå, to take the help of the amazing Lina Högstrom (Skator). Highly recommended for friends of URIAH HEEP, STEPPENWOLF, JEFFERSON AIRPLANE, but also acts like TSOOL and THE DOORS.

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To celebrate this magnificent release, we have put another astonishing track on our SoundCloud, featuring Lina Högström from SKATOR.

MBTW: New video!

The transcendental musicians of the psychedelic cosmic rock act My Brother The Wind has released another video from their second album “I Wash My Soul In The Stream Of Infinity”.
The video features the track “Torbjörn Abelli”, a dedication to the superb bass player from
Träd, Gräs & Stenar. Just as “Fire! Fire!!” this video is shot during the recording process.

A masterpiece!