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MAGNOLIA: New track out!

Second track posted from MAGNOLIA’s coming album “Tänk Själv”! Hope you’ll like it!



SIDEBURN: “IV Monument” out!

We’re very proud to announce that SIDEBURN’s fourth effort “IV Monument” is released on Transubstans Records! The band have gained a solid reputation in the classic rock genre, mixing retro hardrock with todays classic rock sound, appealing to both friends of ZEPPELIN, SABBATH, early SCORPIONS as well as new bands like ALTER BRIDGE. Expect heavy guitar attacks, backed up by a steady rhythm section that we could hear in classic bands such as RAINBOW and UFO. They still possess the doom metal tone, only this time they have expanded their sound – expect a wonderful mixture of classic hardrock, doom metal, progressive hardrock and a dose of blues !!

Listen to “Bring The Down The Rain” below!

Slidin’ Slim – One Man Riot (TRANS086)


What happens if you take a bluesman strongly rooted in the Mississippi delta and place him in a modern musical environment and mess up his original tunes with loops, samples and other sonic adventures? You’ll get “One man riot”! A CD for fans of deep blues, Tom Waits, Chris Whitley and Nine Inch Nails! Originally released in the US back in 2007 to worldwide praise from magazines and listeners. Now re-releases by Transubstans Records with 2 brand new bonus tracks!


01 Brand new face
02 Devil in disguise
03 God knows i tried
04 They call me mr. misfit
05 Rescue me
06 It ain’t right
07 Lead to my grave
08 You called me up
09 Please tell me
10 You’ve been a waste of time
11 Somebody wish that i was dead
12 Screwed
13 In the darkness
14 This ain’t drinkin’

Release date: 2011-06-10

Order your copy at Record Heaven

Slidin’ Slim – Somebody Wish That I Was Dead