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RH Digital Distribution: Ethereal Riffian – Aeonian

Aeonian album cover
‘Ethereal Riffian’s’ from Ukraine full-length album ‘Aeonian’ is the band’s most mature work combining progressive stoner/doom with mind-bending psychedelic and heaviest riffs in the entire galaxy. The eponymous book merged as a result of band’s intention to fully disclose the ideas and concepts of this album. With this exceptional release, Ethereal Riffian have made a great step forward into showcasing the cohesion in their writing what resulted in a record that is certainly far above today’s standards. And for that you have to experience this album.



RH Digital Distribution: Cosmic Overlord & The Satellite Circle


Cosmic Overlord delivers heavy and doomy tunes in the style of Saint Vitus, Black Sabbath and Candlemass. A slow and heavy mix of rough edged vocals, guitar riffs, distorted moving bass, alien analog synth effects and prog weirdo percussion will send you far into outer space.



ImageThis band make no secret of their driving inspiration. A cover featuring large, pink bubble letters and a girl with a 70’s hair-do leave no ambiguities about classification. This Swedish trio are the ultimate in psychedelic stoner doom metal. Massive, ripping guitar distorsion, echoing drums, sitars and tambourines lay waste to all cheery exuberance.



ImageAn absolutely high-recommendable five song EP from this Swedish power trio. The roots of the CIRCLE lay back in 1997 and this demo is from 1999, recorded in two days in July. The band is having a lot of 70’s influences, like for example SIR LORD BALTIMORE, MOUNTAIN, BLUE CHEER or GRAND FUNK RAILROAD and The Satellite Circle create the same vibe like these bands.


Transubstans Vinyl Club: New issue on it’s way!

Finally, #8 in the Transubstans Vinyl Club Series is upcoming!This time we are very happy to present Swedish hard rock veterans ABRAMIS BRAMA together with Norwegian dirt rockers BLACK DEBBATH!

It will be released on January 22nd, both on black vinyl and limited blue vinyl.

Click here to pre-order the black vinyl
Click here to pre-order the blue vinyl

NYMF: From The Dark out now on Transubstans Records!


” ‘From the Dark’ should appeal to just about anyone fan of metal who hasn’t completely specialized their tastes in a particular subgenre or other.  This is a great album with a ton of energy.  Highly recommended for one and all!” – Paranoid Hitsophrenic

”Betyget har snarare färg av den högre nivån än den lägre, och risken för att jag i efterhand vill revidera siffran uppåt är överhängande eftersom “From The Dark” faktiskt sparkar en hel del stjärt!” – WeRock

” To be complete, let’s add that NYMF proposes true compositions, very structured and effective, provided with wild melodies and of saving catch phrases. At last, the production ofBerno PAULSSON( SPIRITUAL BEGGARS, THE HAUNTED, FIREBIRD,AMON AMARTH ) is impeccable power and of clarity. An absolutely revitalizing album!” – Metal Integral

”I offer my respect to 2013 best album. I’m absolutely certain that if Black Sabbath had the chance to hear “From the Dark”, “13” would be released at least a year after, reconstructed. Congratulations, I wish for a tour in my country cause I can’t wait to melt my body, enjoying Nymf on stage. Worship them. You want grade? 10/10.” – RockWay Greece

” Ein dunkles Stück schwedischer Doomgeschichte? Durchaus, und beileibe kein schlechtes, umso mehr wird sich an diesem Zwölftrackling zeigen, ob NYMF künftig im Sog ihrer erfolgreichen Landsmänner WITCHCRAFT mitschwimmen können.” – FFM-Rock


Transubstans Vinyl Club: New issues!

It’s been over eight months since the last release from Transubstans Vinyl Club
(Brimstone Days / Bulldog Mack). Therefore we are extra proud to present issue #5 & 6!


Release date: 2013-04-19
Gathering together Swedens heavy weight rockers,
doing the perfect combination of the classic rock sounds from Sweden 2013.



Release date: 2013-04-24
NYMF is the doom metal project of the Graviators vocalist Niklas Sjöberg,
and on this split they join with Swedish stoner veterans DOZER.
Heavy sounds – can your turntable handle it?


These titles are now available for pre-ordering at Record Heaven

We will soon present further details for #7.

To view all titles from Transubstans Vinyl Club, please click here.


NYMF: Back on track!

“As time goes by you’ll get new visions on how the new material should sound like. It has always been important for us that we do our own thing by combining different music genres to keep it more interesting and unique.
As both Niklas and Martin are also members in The Graviators we try to hold the bands apart and guarantee that they don’t sound too much the same. NYMF is above all more Metal and sounds more dark and evil. There is an ambition that the new material also should contain more thrash-elements, think about the band “The Sword”.
Since we now have two new members in the band the sound has changed a little. Daniel Sköld has joined the band on bass guitar. He is also a member in the band Jack Daw and played earlier in a metal band called “Disruption”. Also our new drummer Thommy Lindskog (Wulfgar) has a love in metal so the sound tends to sound more that way, for example many of the new songs include double kick drums.
NYMF has never been at this height when it comes to musicality and we also put more thought and effort in the songs so that we make it sound just the way we want. Ok, that’s all about what’s going on for now. We are really looking forward to release and play our new material!”


“Allt eftersom tiden går får man nya visioner hur man vill att det nya låtmaterialet ska låta. Det har alltid varit viktigt för oss att blanda vår egen mix av genrer för att få det  mer intressant och eget.
Eftersom Niklas och Martin båda lirar i The Graviators så försöker vi hålla isär de båda banden och garantera att de inte låter för lika varandra. NYMF är framförallt mer Metal och allt låter mer mörkt och ondskefullt. Det finns en strävan och det nya materialet bör innehålla mer thrash-influenser, tänk bandet “The Sword”.
Eftersom vi nu har två nya nya medlemmar i bandet har soundet ändrats lite. Daniel Sköld har gått med i bandet och spelar bas. Han spelar också i bandet Jack Daw och han spelade tidigare i ett metal band som heter “Disruption”. Vår nya trummis Thommy Lindskog (Wulfgar) har också en kärlek till metal så soundet tenderar att låta lite mer åt det hållet, till exempel så innehåller många av de nya låtarna dubbelkagge.
NYMF har aldrig varit på denna höjden tidigare när det kommer till musikalitet och vi lägger även mer tanke och möda på låtarna så vi får dem attt låta som vi vill. Okej, det är det mesta som försigår nu förtillfället. Vi ser verkligen fram emot att släppa och spela upp vårt nya material!”

SIDEBURN: “IV Monument” out!

We’re very proud to announce that SIDEBURN’s fourth effort “IV Monument” is released on Transubstans Records! The band have gained a solid reputation in the classic rock genre, mixing retro hardrock with todays classic rock sound, appealing to both friends of ZEPPELIN, SABBATH, early SCORPIONS as well as new bands like ALTER BRIDGE. Expect heavy guitar attacks, backed up by a steady rhythm section that we could hear in classic bands such as RAINBOW and UFO. They still possess the doom metal tone, only this time they have expanded their sound – expect a wonderful mixture of classic hardrock, doom metal, progressive hardrock and a dose of blues !!

Listen to “Bring The Down The Rain” below!