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Transubstans Vinyl Club #2: Electric Moon / Hypnotized Not Paralyzed

A sample from the second issue in the Transubstans Vinyl Club, featuring ELECTRIC MOON (GER) and HYPNOTIZED NOT PARALYZED (SWE).

This split 7” will be released exclusively on vinyl in March by Transubstans Records.


Sea Of Tranquility: SIENA ROOT – Root Jam

Swedish retro rockers Siena Root have finally delivered that long promised live album, the 2 CD set titled Root Jam. With its arrival, not only has the band solidified their position as a bonafide proponent of 70’s hard rock & prog, but that they can also cut it in the jam band scene as well. Long tunes, plenty of sprawling extended solos, and a myriad of instruments played all add to the wow factor here, and the end result is a live album that truly represents what a live album is meant to be.

Guitar, bass, drums, organ, flute, Mellotron, sitar, violin, and hurdy gurdy are just a few of the instruments that Siena Root put to use on this live set. “The Rat” and “Waiting For the Sun” sound like leftovers from the 60’s Woodstock nation, complete with psychedelic passages with sitar, organ, and guitar, and the more jammy tracks “Bhimpalasi” and “Into the Woods” feature extended soloing that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Phish or moe. live album. On “Words” the band channel their inner Uriah Heep/Deep Purple vibe, thanks to the heavy riffs and raging organ, and also leave plenty of space for lengthy guitar, organ, and drum solos. The band slows things down a bit on the folky acoustic piece “Trippin’ ” , which could have easily come off a Grateful Dead record, and the sitar is again featured on the psychedelic folk track “Bhairavi Thumri”. Before you get lulled into a peaceful calm the band cranks up the volume for the heavy rock vibe of “Dreams of Tomorrow”, a song sure to please fans of Captain Beyond or Mountain, filled with tons of blistering guitar firepower. The organ is at center stage on the prog rock track “Long Way From Home”, a song that sounds like it could have been recorded in 1972, and it also features some nice violin passages and solid vocals. ” Rasayana” and “Reverberations” finish up the live album in splendid fashion, each one packed with lengthy jams and vintage ambience, the latter having some nice interplay between organ and flute before the crushing Iron Butterfly inspired guitar & organ riffs take over.

With a variety of singers and instruments, Root Jam was probably meant to be more of a special occasion for Siena Root, as normally they perform as a trio, but it’s a good thing they decided to record this concert and show what they can do when the band stretches out a bit. Exciting stuff, and hopefully we can get to see them do their thing in North America one of these days.

Review by Sea of Tranquility’s Pete Pardo

ODYSSEY signed to Transubstans!

Transubstans has signed Swedish stoner rockers ODYSSEY!
Odyssey is a trio consisting of Jonas Pedersen on vocals, Jesper Karlsson on drums and Marcus Östensson on guitar. The band came about after many discussions between the guys about creating a band that possesed a heavy sound and a driving energy. In spring 2010, it took shape. Already on day one Odyssey knew what to do, after only two rehearsals the first demo was recorded and the first gig booked.

And that pace has continued …

After recording numerous demo tapes and an EP in true DIY spirit Odyssey will release their first full-length album on Transubstans this spring.

Odyssey is difficult to determine in genre, but think of Sleep, Converge and Pink Floyd and you have an idea of what is Odyssey. Over time, it has in several occasions been called garage-stoner.

With the chaotic gigs and a personal stage presence Odyssey have been able to travel around on Sweden’s club scene and festivals. Shit goes down, people get hurt … This is the Odyssey.

Listen to ODYSSEY’s “Wicked Witch” below!

Three Seasons 7” “Escape” is out !!

Three Seasons “Escape” is finally released on Transubstans Records.

Starring as the first release in the Transubstans Vinyl Club, Three seasons offers two powerful tracks filled with amazing riffs and the most wicked guitar sound you’ve ever heard! Limited edition, 500 copies (100 copies on transparent red vinyl!)

Order your copy from Record Heaven !

Transubstans is looking for split material !!

We are very proud to present the Transubstans Vinyl Club,
a series of 7” -vinyls with splits and singles. First up is THREE SEASONS with their new single “ESCAPE”, released December 18th 2011! Click here to order your copy!

#2 in our series will be presented soon, but we can reveal that it’s a split with
two quite uncommon bands!

#3 will be a split -single with new Transubstans band ODYSSEY ( !

Have a listen to ODYSSEY’S material and contact us if you’re interested in the split!

Take care!
/ Transubstans

NOCTUM’s “The Seance” released !!

Today we proudly release the official release of NOCTUM’s “The Seance”!!
Following the cult of Swedish underground band, NOCTUM released their debut album a small DIY US label in 2010. During the time the band built up a stronger reputation in Europe, but the European edition was missing. High Roller put out limited vinyl editions, but still no CD edition. So Transubstans picked up the band for the debut album, and will soon release this CD edition including both the “The Seance” and “The Fiddler” on 1 release. Swedish deluxe occult metal drenched in blood ripping stories about witchery, blood and black masses. For friends of WITCHCRAFT, ANGEL WITCH (old), GHOST (SWE) and BLACK SABBATH.

01 The Seance
02 Fortune Teller
03 Insomnia
04 Den Onda Trollpackan
05 Mistress
06 Lucifer’s Way
07 Remain
08 Children Of Darkness
09 The Fiddler (bonus)
10 The Serpent Bride (bonus)

We continue the celebration of this previously expired release with releasing another majestic song from the album; Fortune Teller !!

Order your copy from Record Heaven!

Ett Rop På Hjälp signed by Transubstans Records!

Transubstans Records is proud to present the news that “Ett Rop På Hjälp” a band from Gothenburg, Sweden is signed! This quintet plays heavy rock with roots in the 70’s, and amongst the catchy riffs we can hear Swedish vocals enchant us exactly the same way it always did in the history of Swedish rock but with the modern perspectives of living and a modern yet dirty distortion that blends perfectly into the sound scape.

Their debut is expected to be released in early 2012 on Transubstans Records.

Check out their MySpace to have a listen!