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New bands to the Transubstans family!


Epidemics is a melodic punkrock band with a hardcore nerve, that was formed in Umeå, Sweden, in 2007. They released their debut album ”Waking up the dead” in 2008, followed by theEp ”No reply EP” in 2010. They recorded the song ”I don’t get it” for the V/A album ”TuristiTillvaron 1” in 2011.
Singer Emma, guitarist Richard and drummer Erik haveplayedhundreds of punk gigs together all around Europe, most of them with Epidemics first bassplayer Patrik. Their presentbassplayer Emil joined the band in 2012, and a new creative phase began, resulting in the album that will be released in October.

Epidemics are driven by their passion for old school hardcore and punk. They never make any compromises to fit in or follow present trends. Emma had a huge mohawk when all the punks in Umeå had either dreadlocks or wanted to look old school hardcore. They turned up the distortion when the trend told them to keep it down. They kept writing lyrics in englishwhen most other melodic punkband started singing in swedish. They refuse to do things by the book and took their time to create an honest sound of their own instead of taking short cuts by copying a given formula. They may be stupid, but that’s the only way they know how to do things. Epidemics are not trying to sound like the bands back in the day. Why not show that punkrock is still relevant, here and now? This is a band that was inspired by the classics but sounds like it’s actually 2013. Facing a politically depressive world, their medicine is to express themselves through angry but catchy and charismatic punk rock with a touch of hardcore.



Flashing out of Gothenburg, Sweden, the rock monster CHUCK NORRIS EXPERIMENT will celebrate 10 years as a band with the release of their sixth studio album in early 2014. The album will be released by Swedish label Transubstans Records and it will be available as LP/CD & digital download. The release will be followed with massive touring and festival shows all over Europe during 2014.

The CHUCK NORRIS EXPERIMENT sound will be kept intact, more powerful than ever!!

CHUCK NORRIS EXPERIMENT have spent a lot of time on the European roads headlining tours and blowing festivals the last few years, and have shared stage with a bunch great bands like Peter Pan Speedrock, Exploited, V8 Wankers, Electric Eel Shock, Adam West, Hard-Ons, Dozer, Meteors & Bombshell Rocks.
The dates and venues for 2014 are being set right now, so if you are one lucky cat they just might rock out somewhere near your hometown. The new red-hot uniforms are ready for show and the stripe of black won’t fade away!


Space Mirrors Recording Diary

Space Mirrors new album out now on Transubstans Records!
Check out the recording diary for this international space album!

Magnolia: New interview!


Ronny Eriksson’s MAGNOLIA was interviewed by Dutch magazine Lords Of Metal! Click here to read!