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NYMF: New review from Close-Up Magazine!

Image“On the second full-length, NYMF takes another step down to the darker underworld. The body of “From The Dark” is 70’s scenting doom, but the agression of this quartet puts an edge of all the riffs. The result is a witch broth of evil downers that places heavy demands on the listener.

There is no doubt that NYMF consists of skilled musicians, for example Martin Fairbanks and Niklas Sjöberg of THE GRAVIATORS. They are reusing riff and tone from BLACK SABBATH, PANTERA, even SLAYER!” – Kristian Svensson

NYMF: From The Dark out now on Transubstans Records!


” ‘From the Dark’ should appeal to just about anyone fan of metal who hasn’t completely specialized their tastes in a particular subgenre or other.  This is a great album with a ton of energy.  Highly recommended for one and all!” – Paranoid Hitsophrenic

”Betyget har snarare färg av den högre nivån än den lägre, och risken för att jag i efterhand vill revidera siffran uppåt är överhängande eftersom “From The Dark” faktiskt sparkar en hel del stjärt!” – WeRock

” To be complete, let’s add that NYMF proposes true compositions, very structured and effective, provided with wild melodies and of saving catch phrases. At last, the production ofBerno PAULSSON( SPIRITUAL BEGGARS, THE HAUNTED, FIREBIRD,AMON AMARTH ) is impeccable power and of clarity. An absolutely revitalizing album!” – Metal Integral

”I offer my respect to 2013 best album. I’m absolutely certain that if Black Sabbath had the chance to hear “From the Dark”, “13” would be released at least a year after, reconstructed. Congratulations, I wish for a tour in my country cause I can’t wait to melt my body, enjoying Nymf on stage. Worship them. You want grade? 10/10.” – RockWay Greece

” Ein dunkles Stück schwedischer Doomgeschichte? Durchaus, und beileibe kein schlechtes, umso mehr wird sich an diesem Zwölftrackling zeigen, ob NYMF künftig im Sog ihrer erfolgreichen Landsmänner WITCHCRAFT mitschwimmen können.” – FFM-Rock


Transubstans At Live At Heart 2013

Friday, 00:00 @ Club 700

Friday, 00:00 @ Nivå
Saturday, 21:00 @ Rosengrens Skafferi
Saturday, 00:00 @ Level

Saturday, 22:00 @ Scandic Garage
Saturday, +01:00 @ Nivå


Be sure to check them out!