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Aural Innovations: IN THE LABYRINTH

Jerry at Aural Innovations have written a great review of IN THE LABYRINTH’s “Garden Of Mysteries”!

Check it out here:


ODYSSEY: Video for “Wicked Witch” finally out !!

The newly Transubstans-signed stoner act ODYSSEY have just finished the official video for their astonishing track “Wicked Witch”. This is the first officially released track from their coming album “Abysmal Despair”. The entire album will be released on May 16, 2012 on Transubstans Records. There will also be a limited edition included, featuring a A3-sized poster and other goodies!

Pre-order your copy from the Record Heaven Webshop !

MY BROTHER THE WIND: Twilight In The Crystal Cabinet

The sold-out digipak edition of MY BROTHER THE WIND’s “Twilight In The Crystal Cabinet” is now re-pressed and back in stock! Only this time in a jewel case including a 4-page booklet, new CD print design and an amazing live photo hiding behind the tray.

“Feat. members of MAKAJODAMA, MAGNOLIA and ANEKDOTEN. In a world where most things are overthought and music has become more and more technical, Transubstans Records is proud to present a truly spontaneous, organic record: MY BROTHER THE WINDs “Twilight in the Crystal Cabinet”, a completely unrehearsed album recorded in 2 hours on a vintage Ampex 16 track 2″ tape machine at Drop Out in Åmål, Sweden in May 2009, and mixed within 2 hours the very next day.

The band consists of Nicklas Barker (ANEKDOTEN) on guitar, Mathias Danielson (MAKAJODAMA, and formely of GÖSTA BERLINGS SAGA) also on guitar, Ronny Eriksson (MAGNOLIA) on bass and Tomas Eriksson on drums: four relative strangers who with this record capture the achingly beautiful, melancholic music magic that ensues when talent and intuition meet and marry, and the inspired result casts its hypnotic, psychedelic spell on us all.

“Twilight in the Crystal Cabinet” is comprised of six utterly improvised tracks, the spirit of which is honoured by its real-time, respectfully untampered mixing and resulting in the most honest, perceptive, sonically cinematic experience in recent decades. A bewitching culmination of pure, unedited creative energy – from the soul, through the fingers, directly to tape. It doesn’t get any more real than this.”

01 Karmagrinder
02 Electric Universe
03 Twilight In The Crystal Cabinet
04 Precious Sanity
05 The Mournful Howl Of Dawn
06 Death And Beyond

Order your copy at the Record Heaven Webshop !

BARR: “Atlantic Ocean Blues” is on the way!

Stockholm-based psychedelic folk-act BARR is back on the road with their new full-length album “Atlantic Ocean Blues”!

“Atlantic Ocean Blues” is a tribute to the sea, the sun, space
and the music that’s coloured by these elements.
It has been four years since “Skogsbo Is The Place”, BARR’s latest effort
that was recorded in a derelict cottage owned by a relative.
It’s BARR’s time to step out of that cottage, to find their way
into the forest and in the studio. Into a musical world that the band
always dreamed of.
“Atlantic Ocean Blues” is in addition to an constant evolving band
also a homage to the forest, to the darkness and to folk psychadelia.
A true masterpiece and a story about a bands step into wilderness
and unknown grounds. And they sure master it.

“Life came from the sea. We bath in the sun.”

01 The End Of The Road
Atlantic Ocean Blues
The Mountains
The Lonely Lady
He Ain’t A Friend, He Is A Brother
Yalu River Song
Sun Shine On
Hanoi Haze

Listen to “The Mountains” below!

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ETT ROP PÅ HJÄLP: “Hur Svårt Kan Det Vara?” Out on Transubstans !!

The debut album of Gothenburg act ETT ROP PÅ HJÄLP is finally out on Transubstans Records! To celebrate this we share one of the killer tracks of this record, the mysterious “Sagor”. Enjoy!

The album can be ordered from the Record Heaven Webshop !

Skivmässa: Dirty Harry!

Den 17:e mars ställer Dirty Harry till med skivmässa i Växjö!
Följande företag kommer att finnas på plats och sälja:


I Hate

Swedmetal Rock Shop

Record Heaven

Missa inte!

SWITCH OPENS: Joint Clash is Out!

Our eagerly awaited “Joint Clash” by SWITCH OPENS has finally arrived in the shape of a beautiful digipak. The album has received extremely good reviews, both in Sweden and in Europe and it sure as hell deserves it. Click the link below to see SWITCH OPENS prove their ingenious sound, live at ROCKPALAST!
Their show starts 46 minutes into the video clip;
featuring the powerful tracks “Square” and “Paper Walls”.

Click here to order their CD “Joint Clash” !