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Transubstans 10 Year Anniv. Logo Contest!


In 2014, Transubstans has been up and running for 10 years – to celebrate this we decided to change our logo.
Rather than designing this ourselves, we decided to make something fun out of it and run a competition with some sweet rewards!

To participate, like our Facebook page (
and send your contribution to,
together with your full postal address and possible links to your website/ Facebook so we’re able to give a full presentation of the winner.

The competition will start on December 2st, and end on January 1st.

Logo specifications:
The attached logo you’re sending us must be:
– At least 1500 pixels width/height.
– CMYK colour
– Sent in PSD or TIFF format.

The winner of the competition will get:
– 10 optional Transubstanstans CD’s
– A limited compilation of the first three 7” releases from Transubstans Vinyl Club.
This 7” compilation was only made in 7 numbered copies and has a unique picture sleeve! For more information about this please visit:

If you have any questions about anything, don’t hesitate to mail us!

Best of luck to you all – We’re very excited to see
what the world can come up with!

/ Transubstans Crew