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KAMA LOKA: New review!

For our German based friends;
a wonderful review written by the good people of RockBlogBluesSpot!
Click here to read.


Dynamite: 8 / 10 in Sweden Rock Magazine

Image“Few, if any bands had the same impact on today’s hard rock bands as AC/DC.
This is a genre that – when the role models themselves performs it – is called arena rock.But call it what you want, this music will always have it’s finest moments in an intimate club scene. And right there we find DYNAMITE, that’s currently travelin’ around in the same manners as AC/DC did in (amongst other places) Växjö in 1976.
Dynamite has the Bon Scott -era as primary reference and it’s as convincing as Airbourne, Rhino Bucket, 77 and Swedish Bonafide.

The quality of this debut is surprisingly high and even, just like the charm in their performance. There may be a commercial restriction in being so strongly associated with another band, but if you ask me; I’d rather choose the club scene with these bands every day of the week instead of a worn out band on Ullevi, 200 meters from the stage where all you can see is the TV screens…”

– Dennis Karlsson, Sweden Rock Magazine

DYNAMITE: New review

For our German-speaking friends; DYNAMITE got a nice review in METAL HAMMER !


SPACE MIRRORS: New video out!

ImageInternational spacerockers SPACE MIRRORS has finally put out a new video for their coming album “The Other Gods”! Check it out by clicking the picture above!